It’s more than just the Destin FL real estate that makes us love where we live!

February 8, 2011

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It’s more than just the Destin FL Real Estate that makes us Love where we Live!

Destin FL real estateDestin FL real estate is more than just a home. The people who live in this area of the country are proud of their homes and the area that surrounds them as well. The latest in a study that was conducted over a three year period by Knight Soul of the Community project in 2008 shows the availability of social settings was first on the list of reasons for the satisfaction felt by people for their  communities. Those living in Destin FL real estate have a variety of options available due to where the community is located.

Tallahassee FL was another that provided many venues for residents and visitors alike. The proximity of both of these areas to the beaches and attractions that are open year round due to mild weather is an important factor. The residents that are more comfortable with their jobs are also more likely to be connected to their community. Destin FL real estate is also located near many areas that are welcoming to visitors and residents alike. The availability of beaches and many water activities are part of the reason that residents chose to live here.

From cruises to state recreation areas and attractions for all ages, those who choose Destin FL real estate have a diverse selection of activities. In addition, the residents are proud of the area they have chosen and want to share it with visitors. These are two of the aspects the Knight Soul of the Community study showed as reasons that people develop at attachment to their community.

Destin FL real estateThe study also showed that new residents were less attached to their communities. The problems associated with the current state of the economy did not seem to factor in as much as one would have thought when it came to the emotional attachment of people for their community. Along with Destin FL real estate, the following areas had high percentages of residents who were quite engaged with their communities:

1) Bradenton, FL

2) Aberdeen, S.D.

3) Long Beach, CA

4) State College, PA

5) Grand Forks, N.D.

The study included 26 communities and random samplings of over 10,000 people were surveyed.

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