BP Storage Tank from Deepwater Horizon found on Miramar Beach – From Walton County Sheriff's Office

June 14, 2010

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Miramar Beach, FL (June 14, 2010) –

BP Storage Tank from Deepwater Horizon

A shiny, metal marine storage tank washed ashore over the weekend on Miramar Beach. It’s believed the tank is from the April Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion. The tank is intact, and there does not appear to be any oil leaking from it.

A similar tank washed ashore on the west end of Panama City Beach on Saturday. Officials there estimated the tank to be in excess of five-thousand pounds with a green and white placard which reads BP “Horiz”. That’s short for Horizon. It was removed by containment crews with a tractor and loaded on a trailer and hauled off.

This morning a crew hired by BP will also remove the tank off Miramar Beach. Walton County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Operations officials say it will be transported to New Orleans where the investigation of the oil rig explosion is taking place.

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