What is the Cost of Selling a 30A Luxury Home?

Many sellers tend to overlook the actual costs of selling a 30A luxury home. Real estate agent’s commission is usually the first thing that people tend to think of when it comes to home selling expenses since it’s the biggest cost. However, there are other fees and expenses you should be aware of before putting your 30A luxury home for sale on the market.

Are you aware of the costs involved when selling a 30A luxury home? This article will help you!

1. State Document Stamps (Doc Stamps on the Deed)

Although there is no income tax in Florida, there are other taxes the state requires, especially when selling your homes along 30A. The State Document Stamps, or doc stamps on the deed is typically paid by the seller. It is $7.00 per thousand of the selling price. If you have a $2.1 million 30A luxury home for sale, you will pay a deed transfer tax of $14,700.

2. Owner’s title insurance

The seller must provide clear title to the buyer, or the Buyer is not able to purchase a title insurance policy. While typically a Buyer expense, this can be negotiated during the contract process.

The rate of the title insurance in Florida is $5.75 per thousand for the first $100,000 of the selling price and $5.00 per thousand for homes from $101,000 to $1 million. On a $2.1 million home, that would be $10,575. (This is just for the Owner’s title policy).

3. Settlement cost

This is usually paid by whichever party pays for title insurance and can vary from $ 300 to $ 400.

4. Survey

The survey is also paid the buyer. Depending upon the size of the property, the cost will vary. Average price is $400 – $500.

Prepare yourself of the expenses involved before you sell your 30A luxury home.

5. Wood Destroying Organism Damage  (WDO)

Some Banks require a WDO inspection report. Most banks will not approve a new mortgage until all damage has been repaired. A standard contract requires the buyer to pay for the report, which will run about $75 – $100 and the seller to pay up to 1.5% of the home’s selling price to repair any damage. (Keep in mind this percentage is also negotiable during the contract process). On a $2.1 million 30A luxury home for sale, at the full 1.5% the seller would be responsible for WDO repairs up to $31,500.

6. Other repairs

Some sales contracts will allow the buyer to back out of the contract if they find anything within the inspection period that is not to their satisfaction…this would be an “As-is” contract. Most of the time, the buyer will ask the seller to pay up to 1.5% of the purchase price towards ‘warranted’ repairs (anything non-cosmetic) or provide the buyer a credit for repairs in various amounts. (Again, the percentage is negotiable during the contract process).

7. Real Estate Commission

Commissions are split between the Listing Agent and the Selling Agent. What most people don’t understand is that both the listing agent and selling agent must pay their Broker a percentage of the commission, so we are not keeping the full amount. A full service broker usually charges 6% of the selling price. On a $ 2.1 million home sold, that’s $126,000.

With the exception of the real estate commission (typically always paid by the seller) all of the above costs, fees, and expenses, are negotiable during the contract process. Make sure you discuss with your real estate agent and that you are aware of all the costs and fees involved before selling your home. To find out what your 30A luxury home is worth fill out the form on this page: http://www.debbiejames.com/homevalue/. I am happy to provide a no obligation quote!

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Seacrest Beach FL Home for Sale | 213 Seacrest Beach Blvd E

It has an elegant architecture, offers breathtaking view, is nestled in a prime location, comes fully furnished and it can be yours now! This is one deal you wouldn’t want to miss. Check out this 3 story Seacrest Beach FL home for sale in Seacrest Beach Subdivision and you’ll never dream of any other home.

Feel right at home in this Seacrest Beach FL home for sale that exudes with comfort and warmth.

This exquisite home proudly stands tall offering panoramic views of the surrounding areas. It has 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths, a kitchen and dining area, living room, laundry room, balconies, and a rooftop deck.

The immaculate kitchen in this Seacrest Beach FL home for sale is a chef's haven!

The expansive first level is cleverly designed with an open floor plan, allowing for easy access from the expansive family room to the dining area and kitchen. Relax and have fun filled movie nights enjoying the flat screen TV and comfortable sofa. The whole gang will definitely have a place in here!

There is plenty of room for you, your loved ones and your guests in this gorgeous Seacrest Beach FL home for sale.

The flawless kitchen right across the dining area has luxurious granite counter-tops, stainless steel appliances, breakfast bar, ice-maker and filtered water. Preparing meals on those impromptu get togethers will be convenient and enjoyable. Right off the kitchen is a fully equipped laundry room with a full sized washer and dryer. And there’s even an outdoor shower just outside the laundry room! Talk about complete package!

Entertaining guests in this Seacrest Beach FL will be a delightful experience - your guests will surely be impressed!

The first floor also houses a lovely guestroom. Included in here is a fine queen sized bed, ready for your friends or families who would stay over for Thanksgiving or New Year.

All the features in this strikingly beautiful Seacrest Beach FL home for sale are sure to captivate your heart's desire.

The first floor also has a complete guest bath, with a superb shower and bath. Entertaining guests in this stunning Seacrest Beach FL home for sale will be a stress free and delightful experience because of this ready room and full bath.

Even the bathrooms in this stunning Seacrest Beach FL home are truly impressive!

The master bedroom on the second floor is a real gem. It features a queen sized bed, a spacious closet and a comfortable sitting area. It comes with superb ottomans and lounge chairs. Reward yourself with a fully energizing sleep or a night of stargazing in the private balcony. It’s  your very own piece of heaven.

Offering panoramic views of the surrounding areas, this Seacrest Beach FL home for sale let's you have your own slice of paradise.

The master bath is truly impressive with its double sinks, garden soaking tub, and separate shower. Staying at home will be just as relaxing as going out in the pool.

This Seacrest Beach FL home has a crow’s nest that offers a perfect setting for relaxation.

Another bedroom is located on the same floor. This one also has a queen sized bed, along with two bunk beds. This amazing guest room has its very own private balcony, and en-suite bath complete with a splendid shower and bathtub. Your guests and loved ones would find it hard to leave after staying the night here.

The rooftop deck in this gorgeous Seacrest Beach FL home provides a fabulous view of the ocean and the sky at night!

On to the third floor of this 3 story beach home for sale in Seacrest Beach FL, you will find a perfectly comfortable crow’s nest. It is adorned by couches, chairs, and even a TV. But the best part is that it opens to a rooftop deck with a fabulous view of the ocean and the sky at night. Romantic and peaceful would be best to describe this part of the home. But if you are more fond of barbeque nights, the  outdoor table for four and gas barbeque will be your best spot.

Living in this amazing Seacrest Beach FL home for sale let's you take advantage of the wonderful amenities in Seacrest Beach!

One of the most amazing features of this home is the view offered by this very deck. On 4th of July, you will have a first row seat to the 5 to 6 different firework shows from Destin to Panama City Beach, Rosemary, Alys and more. You can cook your dinner and chill in here at the same time.  For more similar wonderful homes, visit www.30ALuxuryHomes.com today.

This Seacrest Beach FL home for sale's proximity to the beach is something that is desired by many.

If you’ve already fallen in love with this Seacrest Beach FL home for sale, you will fall even more with Seacrest Beach. It is famous for its award winning 12,000 square foot lagoon style swimming pool which boasts of multiple-levels, waterfalls, fountains and two bath houses. Just take a short 1 1/2 block walk from the Seacrest Beach Fl home for sale down the brick paved, palm tree lined street and you’ll already find yourself in the pool!

Elegant architecture, breathtaking view, and nestled in a prime location - all this and more in this lovely Seacrest Beach FL home for sale.

If you are more of a beach person, then you will love the proximity of this home to the Deeded Beach access. Just take a short 5 minute walk, or use the FREE tram service with front door pick up. Nestled between Rosemary Beach & Alys Beach you can enjoy fantastic dining options, boutique shopping, seasonal events, Farmer’s market at Rosemary Beach, biking trails, walking paths, security and more!

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Differences Between a Condo Association and a Homeowner’s Association

Understanding the differences between each type of association will help future owners of 30A luxury homes to get the most out of their association’s ownership experience, whether they buy condos or single family homes along 30A.

The major difference between homeowners associations (HOAs) and condominiums associations revolves around the type of real property development administered by the association. An HOA governs a single-family, planned development made up of lots. Each lot is improved with a separate home. Traditionally, these developments are your typical suburban neighborhood with stand-alone homes, each with a yard. A condominium association governs a common structure(s) comprised of multiple units.

Be more knowledgeable of the association fees, rules, regulations, and restrictions to get a better experience in your 30A luxury home.

Here are some of the basics of a condo association and a HOA:

Condominium Association

A condominium is a joint ownership of the building, grounds and common elements (or areas) while the units are individually owned.

A condominium is created by record of a declaration of covenants and restrictions, bylaws, and a condo plat in the municipal land records or local county.

Although condo unit owners are empowered to run the condominium, they elect a Board of Directors to carry out most of the powers and duties of the condo association.

Common elements in a condominium can be broken down into general common elements (GCEs) and limited common elements (LCEs).

GCEs are available for use by all unit owners and include lobbies, common hallways, sidewalks, roofs, elevators, and community facilities (swimming pools, parking lots, etc.).

LCEs are parts of the condo that are designated for the exclusive use of unit owner only such as balconies and patios in a condo.

The designation of LCEs can be found in the condo association’s declaration or on the plats. In some cases, the Board of Directors assigns these designations, as in the case of parking spaces. Common examples of limited common elements are balconies and patios serving a unit.

Maintenance, repair, and replacement of the LCEs as well as the unit is the responsibility of the unit owner to whom the LCEs were designated.

Annual common expenses of the condominium are determined by the Board of Directors. Every unit owner is assessed of their share of common expenses based on their percentage of ownership interest, meaning the larger the unit, the bigger the unit owner’s proportional share of the common expense in the condominium.

Know the difference between a condo and a homeowner's association to get the most benefits for your 30A luxury homes.

Homeowner’s Association

An HOA is comprised of homeowners living in 30A luxury homes, whose purpose is to ensure maintenance and provision of community facilities and enforcement of HOA covenants and restrictions.

An HOA is created by record of a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R) in local land records. Unlike a condo association, the bylaws of the HOA are not recorded in the land records.

The Board of Directors are delegated by the HOA’s bylaws. The Board is responsible for determining the amount of annual association fees, making and enforcing rules and regulations, architectural guidelines, and maintaining the common areas.

The common areas are owned by the HOA, and not the lot owners, through a common area deed from the original developer or declarant. Common areas include sidewalks, parking lots, swimming pools, playgrounds, green space, not included in the lots and other recreation facilities.

Homeowners are granted a right to use and enjoy the common areas through a grant of easement included in the CC&R. The right to use common areas may be suspended for violation of the rules and regulations of the HOA or for failure to pay HOA fees.

Maintenance, repair and replacement of the common areas are the responsibility of the HOA.

Homeowners are responsible for the maintenance, repair, and replacement of their lots which include landscaping within the boundaries of their 30A luxury homes as well as the exterior of their home.

There are some HOAs who assume the responsibility of maintaining the landscaping of lots. Any exterior improvements, alterations, or additions by the owner are subject to approval by the HOA’s Architectural Review Board (ARB).

Get the best out of your 30A luxury home's association by understanding their types and differences.

Difference between HOA and Condo Association Fees

Due to the lesser maintenance, repair, replacement, and insurance obligations, HOA fees are usually lower than comparably sized condos.

Condo association fees, along the Emerald Coast of Florida, typically include, maintenance and insurance for the exterior of the building and all common areas, water, sewer, trash, basic cable and sometimes internet. These items are not included in HOAs of single-family homes or townhomes.

Condo fees are paid either monthly or quarterly, whereas HOA fees are typically monthly.

Whether you are planning to buy a condominium unit or a single family home along 30A, you should be informed of the corresponding association fees, rules, regulations, and restrictions so you can maximize the benefits of and enjoy living in your home along 30A. If you need more information about homes and communities along 30A, visit www.30ALuxuryHomes.com

Call me, Debbie James at 850-450-2000. Let me provide you with all the information and tools you need to make your dream 30A luxury home a reality.


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