The Food and Music Scene Around 30A Luxury Homes

Dive into the exhilarating food and music scene around 30A luxury homes. When food and music comes together, it produces the best symphony in bringing people together. There’s nothing like an amazing weekend in South Walton filled with live performances from the best bands and solo artists in town. Locals and guests from different parts of the world can enjoy these performances along with impeccable cuisines. SoWal is full of incredible options and here are some suggestions you might want to try one of these weekends:

Spend an amazing weekend with food and music around 30A luxury homes.

Dread Clampitt

Florida’s very own folk rock band can be seen performing and rocking the show every Sunday at the Red Bar. Located at Grayton Beach, Red Bar is one of the hottest scenes most especially with Dread Clampitt on stage. With their upbeat and exciting music, guests at the Red Bar can’t help but stay on their feet and rock along with Dread Clampitt’s music. Their innovative yet traditional music style is just among the many reasons why Dread Clampitt is one of the locals’ favorite bands.

Sounds of 30A

This is an ongoing Indie Artist showcase happening regularly along 30A. The Sounds of 30A is a showcase that supports and promotes local singers and songwriters such as El Papi, Neil Dover, Bruce Salmon, Derek Givans, Cody Copeland and Melissa Joiner. You can catch these singers and songwriters in the following weekends of April and May at Marie’s Bistro, Bruno’s Pizza and Old Florida Fish House.

Marie’s Bistro

Serving the area since 1984, this restaurant is definitely a place that South Walton is proud of. Even though the restaurant has been around for a while compared to the new 30A luxury homes for sale nearby, Marie’s Bistro serves food that locals and guests would come back for. Their Chef, Nasri, was trained in various parts of the world. Through his expertise in Mediterranean cuisines, he leads Marie’s Bistro’s kitchen in creating food featuring the best combination of Southern, Cajun and Tex-Mex flavors.

Bruno’s Pizza

Located at Watersound Beach, Bruno’s is known to be the first pizzeria along 30A. Bruno’s Pizza is proud to be voted as South Walton’s best pizza along 30A for 22 years. This restaurant is most proud as well of their menu made only of freshest produce and finest meats.

Enjoy live performances from the best bands and solo artists in South Walton on your weekend dates!

Old Florida Fish House

Reported as the best sushi bar near homes along 30A, Old Florida Fish House boasts an exquisite cuisine that their customers can enjoy. Located in Seagrove Beach, this restaurant has been serving the area since the summer of 2005. Featuring a game room, this casual dining restaurant is not only family friendly but the “place to be” when it comes to enjoying food while listening to the best live entertainment.

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The Best Farmers Markets to Enjoy Every Week Near 30A Luxury Homes

Are you looking to shop for the freshest, most succulent and crip farm produce in town? For the residents and homeowners of 30A luxury homes, enjoying these delightful products is just an arm’s reach away at various weekly farmers markets in and around the area. All throughout the week,  many local businesses and establishments put out their best products, from various farm produce, to delectable foodstuffs and even body care. There’s always something for everyone!

Delight your taste buds with the variety of nutritious food offered in Grand Boulevard along 30A.

Here are some of the best farmers markets along 30A.

Seaside Farmers Market

This farmers market is held regularly at the Seaside Amphitheater. Every Saturday from 8 PM to 12 PM, locals and guests can enjoy the grassy amphitheater as well. Seaside Farmers Market features produce grown locally. There is a variety of exceptional homemade baked food items and artisan breads to choose from. Even your furry dog family members can enjoy the organic eggs and interesting treats offered by the vendors. Everyone is invited to an additional day of Seaside Farmers Market which happens every Tuesday from 8 AM to 12 PM.

Grand Boulevard Farmers Market

Every Wednesday from 10 AM to 2 PM, residents of homes along 30A have the best access to a great line up of products at Grand Park, located in Grand Boulevard, near Sandestin. The Grand Boulevard Farmers Market offers a wide range of dairy products such as butter, cream and milk. There are meat options such as those from grass-fed cows available to guests as well. Try something new with the variety of gourmet jams available. Interesting pickled vegetables and  assortments of herbs and flowers are sold at almost every corner of the market. There are also body products such as soaps and lotions available at this farmers market. Food vendors will delight your taste buds with their selection of artisan pastries, pita, dips, hummus and lemonade.

Enjoy a healthy weekend and visit one of the farmers markets near 30A luxury homes!

Rosemary Beach Farmers Market

Every Sunday from 9 AM to 1 PM at Rosemary Beach, you can enjoy a wide selection of dairy products such as butter, cheese, cream and milk. Various vendors carry meat from grass-fed cows, chicken products and homemade sausages. Go organic with their selection of juices and find interesting treats for your pet dogs and cats too. In addition, the Rosemary Farmers Market opens on Thursdays from 9 AM to 1 PM starting on Memorial Day until Labor Day this year.

WaterColor Coastal Farmers Market

New owners of 30A luxury homes for sale will enjoy the benefits of being near these farmers markets such as the WaterColor Coastal Farmers Market,  South Walton’s newest farmers market, which will not disappoint. Every Sunday and Thursday from 9 AM to 1 PM,  where you can take pleasure in the benefits of farm fresh produce and fresh dairy products such as butter, cream, ice cream and milk. There’s always plenty of fresh eggs, meat from grass-fed cows, chicken and pork products to choose from. This is one of the best farmers markets to get fresh seafood too. Stack up on snacks with their selection of pita, tortilla chips, hummus and delectable dips. Discover honey, sauces and marinades. Take your pick of pickled vegetables and terrific jams and preserves. Organic lovers would fall in love with their selection of juices and teas as well as body products such as soaps and lotions.

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Digital Graffiti Festival in Alys Beach along 30A

Alys Beach is among the newest communities where 30A luxury homes are coveted by home buyers. It is a striking community not just because of its area of 158 acres, but its overall design. This community will immediately catch your attention with its white themed houses. The beautifully designed homes come together not only with their architectural styles combining traditional and modern design but also with the stunning use of the color white. Because of this unique and interesting design of homes in Alys Beach, it has attracted one of the fastest growing trends in technology nowadays.

Watch the white themed houses in Alys Beach turned into amazing digital art masterpiece during the Digital Graffiti Festival!

Every year, the community opens its doors to the world to feature the latest works and innovations in art and technology. Alys Beach has become a surprising canvas for these innovations and continues to captivate people from all over the world. Every year, Alys Beach is home to the Digital Graffiti Festival to celebrate the newest sets of artists this world has yet to see.

What is Digital Graffiti?

Digital Graffiti is also called “Urban Projection.” This has started out as an underground type of art. Artists would use the latest in projection technology to basically project digital art onto various infrastructures. This is a new type of art installment where art, technology and architecture meet. It is a very dynamic and innovative way of using technology and architecture and this is why Alys Beach is the best place to give life to these art works.

What makes these homes the perfect canvas for Digital Graffiti?

The white façade of Alys Beach homes has caught the attention of the organizers of the Digital Graffiti Festival. These homes are the perfect canvas for their white design and walls that allow different kinds of digital art to be projected on them.

Alys Beach has some of the most gorgeous 30A luxury homes for sale and is the first community that has made sure each home meets the standard of FORTIFIED for Safer Living. This is a home building program that serves as an insurance industry certification. It was developed by the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety. It is a prestigious standard recognized worldwide in setting standards that go beyond the basics when it comes to construction of residential infrastructures. Home owners are assured of nothing but the best.

Witness the transformation of simple white walls of 30A luxury homes to amazing work of art! Visit homes in Alys Beach during the Digital Graffiti Festival.

These homes, in accordance to the guidelines of the FORTIFIED for Safer Living program, were made through sustainable methods. These methods along with other methods necessary in constructing residential infrastructure here in Alys Beach were also made possible through energy efficient methods. In addition to these houses solid masonry roofs, construction of these houses made use of advanced fastening and anchoring systems for the roofs and walls and inclusion of spray foam insulation that would keep each home appropriately cool during summertime and warm during winter time.

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